We’ve always thought advertising was about telling stories – long before content marketing was the next big thing. We also knew native advertising when it was still public relations and product placement. We’ve been masters of print since print was cool the first time around.

Creating great advertising and public relations isn’t just about being trendy or clever. 
Barker & Christol doesn’t use reinvented buzz words to mask that marketing is, at its core, the same as it has always been – helping brands connect with their customers. We’ve been there.

We subscribe to the model of 
truly integrated marketing. Our staff is skilled and experienced in public relations, traditional and digital advertising, social media, and marketing design. We bring together practical experience in dozens of industries to find strategic solutions for our clients.

Strategy Imagined


With decades of marketing experience behind us, our philosophy is that strategy should take into consideration all the diagnostic tools of marketing. Including, but not limited to primary and secondary research, demographics, psychographics, competitive profiles, and messaging.


Our right brainers (and actually, the lefties, too) believe imagination is what converts strategy into effective marketing because it is the “hook” that engages attention and stimulates interest. It must be executed based on the strategy and, by definition, is creative, compelling and evocative.

Blending Strategy and Imagination

Combine the two and step back because the combination is like adding nitro to glycerin, two elements that’re effective separately, but explosive when combined. Be careful, this combination can change the world. Or at least the world of marketing.

To devise the right strategy, we must not be afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, the expectations of the market, the client, and most importantly, ourselves.


Like some of the greatest companies in the world, our agency was started with just two guys in the basement. Since those early days in 2011, we have adopted many philosophies, but three rule the day:

• The strategy must be creative and the creative must be strategic.
• If it doesn’t move the needle, it’s just a waste of dollars.
• In everything we do, try to change the world.

We've done a lot of work with our clients, take a look at some of it here.