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Steve and Brooks taking a photo together at the office space

The B&C Agency

In an ongoing discussion, Steve Barker and Brooks Christol of Barker & Christol casually talk about their precocious but mature advertising agency. Both partners – Steve Barker is Creative Director, Brooks Christol is Chief Strategist and Utility Player – answered my questions, and they’ll answer yours, too. Just tag them #B&C_Q&A. SO WHAT BROUGHT YOU […]
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Cover image of text on bright warm color gradient that says simplify communication

Simple Effective Communication

In advertising we strive to distill a client’s message to the most concise, powerful and evocative communication possible. This skill is also extremely beneficial in daily communications. With over a million words in the English language, it takes practice to be clear and concise in our everyday conversations. Is it really that important? The goal of […]
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8 Workplace Energy Boosters

Everyone needs a little energy boost at work. Here are 8 ways to put some pep in your step physically, mentally and emotionally. 8 Ways to get Energized, Rejuvenated and Inspired at work. 1. Remind yourself why you love what you do. Even working your dream job can become repetitive and monotonous. Take the time to remind yourself […]
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The Importance of Having Fun at Work

Work hard, play harder! Love what you do, do what you love. Laugh to keep from crying. You’ve heard the -isms. It’s good to laugh and have fun at work. And it may be more important than you think. Happy companies make more money. Sometimes you get lucky and everyone has a good time WHILE they […]
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Creating a Metrics Culture

At a non-profit workshop recently, in a room full of motivated people starting new exciting educational gardening projects, I was given a great piece of advice: Start collecting metrics. The days of projects getting funded just because they feel good are over. I have to prove that my project is going to make an impact. […]
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Project Management Overload

Project Managers in every industry need all the help they can get - but especially if working in a flexible creative environment. That might be why there are over 350 Project Management software products on the market. 350. How are we supposed to choose? I have trouble in the grocery store pickle isle. How different can they really be?
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Great Catalog Design

I really enjoy catalog design. I know that may not be a sentence you hear often, but I really do. I love all the moving parts, the attention to detail and the level of organization required to do a great catalog. Here are seven things I’ve learned working on catalog projects:
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7 Solutions to Unexpected or Awful Results from Image Files

1. Either I need new glasses, or my images all printed fuzzy.  Before you make that optometrist appointment, make sure you sent high resolution image files to print. Images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the size it will print for best print quality. Low resolution images will print grainy, pixelated, or fuzzy. Images that […]
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Get to Know Autumn – Thoughts on Gardening in Community

I learned gardening expresses love, feeds your family, teaches patience, encourages curiosity and wins children over to eating veggies at an early age. My great grandparents grew everything from rhubarb and cherry tomatoes to blueberries and a grape vine in their yard in Burlington, Mass. My great grandfather cross-bred irises and planted the whole fence line […]
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