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A Broadly Specific Design

By design, many of the messages we see every day are broadly specific. Here’s a definition of broadly specific messaging – “A memorable or stirring statement that uses broad and specific elements.” For a mental picture, being broadly specific is like climbing a mountain. On the peak of the mountain sits a massive oak tree. […]
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The Balance of Design

by Dustin Lippert Have you ever called someone an overachiever in an attempt to insult them and help yourself feel better? Here at Barker and Christol, we steal that joy by accepting the compliment! So let’s talk. Balancing the simple and the complex is a task that never escapes a good designer. If you ever let […]
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The Design of Music

Dustin Lippert What if you could see music? I mean, what if each musical note came out of an instrument in a colored shape? What if each sung word blended those colors and shapes together? Imagine what picture each blend would create? Can you hear it? Can you see it? Listen to music. The movement, […]
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