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5-stars on Clutch

Barker & Christol Gets 5-Stars on Clutch   We’ve had a lot to celebrate recently. With a successful 2017 under our belts, including being recognized as a top Nashville advertising agency, we’re taking on 2018 with an eye for opportunity, challenge, and great client relationships. There’s nothing like starting off the year with a win, […]
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Google “bAdWords”

Google “bAdWords”: What are Negative Keywords Anyway? Google. We all use it. If you’re reading this, you probably even use AdWords. But, are you getting everything you can out of your AdWords campaigns? Are you getting the best return on your investment out of your ads? Well, if you’re not utilizing negative keywords in your […]
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Search Basics: SEO 101

Search Basics: SEO 101 Search.  What is it?  Why is it so important?  Search has become integrated into the fabric of our society.  In fact, over 200 billion searches are performed a month.  Google, the internet search giant, has become a household name.  Information that we would once have had to spend hours searching for at […]
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Is Virtual Reality The Future?

Recently, my family and I picked up an HTC Vive headset for our computer… and wow! What an incredible thing. Our initial reaction was that we were blown away. In fact, “blown away” is a common reaction from all our guests that have used it. This is certainly not the Virtual Reality of the 90’s. […]
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What is Local SEO

Are you a Dentist? A Lawyer? Do you own a local coffee shop? Perhaps you’re a photographer that finds clients locally. These professions, and many more, rely on searchers finding them on search engines such as Google. You may not know it, but according to Google’s research studies, “4 in 5 consumers use search engines […]
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Guest Blog: Google+…or Minus?

There are a thousand SEO experts in Nashville. We use a couple because they have different skills that compliment our variety of clients. Grant Gofourth is one of them. Grant works closely with Barker & Christol advertising to develop great optimization strategies. Google+ is social, sure, but its also a key part of any modern Search Engine Optimization strategy; modern equals within the last thirty minutes.
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