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Person holding phone trying to scan a QR code

Native QR Integration: It’s About Time

“Apple is a man’s best friend,” she said. Apple release some great new functionality with iOS11 this week. I’m a marketing geek, so what caught my eye? QR Code functionality native to the Camera app! The article I read sort of glossed over it, characterizing it as cool, but otherwise pretty much, meh. I guess […]
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Social media graphic with text on chalk board

Things to Focus on With Your Social Media

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a lot of things that go into managing social media and narrowing down what you should be doing with it can turn out to be a harder task than you thought. Figuring out when to post, how much to post, what to post, and who’s going to like what you […]
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Retro Robot on a White Background

Pontifications on Chat Bots and AI in Marketing

Someone asked a question this morning on new-comer professional social networking platform Alignable regarding the efficacy of Facebook Bots. It got me thinking about a lot, from the actual use of a Bot and AI, the future of online vs human-based shopping, and the fear of a computer-driven world as we adopt AI into our […]
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Dinosaurs running from meteors

Is Social Media Marketing Dying?

Oh, you stop it. Stop it right there. Of course social media marketing isn’t going the way of the dinosaur. Now, is it still the shining centerpiece & catch-all of marketing strategies across the board? No, not exactly. When social media platforms were first used for business it was like an internet version of the […]
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Illustration of a group of people

Do You Actually Know Your Audience?

Who is your audience? It’s one of those questions you’re guaranteed to be asked by your marketing team. We must know. But you may be thinking that it’s an unfair question because your marketing team should absolutely know your audience. Right? Yes and no. Audiences aren’t just demographics such as Male or Female, 18-24, with […]
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Girl taking a photo of a wall of graffiti

Creativity Rut? 10 Easy Ways Out

 We’ve got some really creative minds at Barker & Christol. Like, award-winning, degree-holding, grade A creative brains. But even the best of the best get in a rut. So what do our folks do when their creative juices run dry? We asked and they spilled. Nap. 20 minutes a day keeps the doctor away, right? […]
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Photo of Intern Brandon

Brandon: The Spring Intern

Hey! My name is Brandon Hernandez, the latest Barker & Christol intern. I am a recent graduate from Middle Tennessee State University where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising, along with minors in Marketing and Sociology. Before we get into explaining how my passion for the advertising industry came to be, let […]
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Design with an egg and text on it

Marketing. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

  I’m always looking for marketing messages imbedded in everyday places and last weekend I found a treasure trove. First, on the flight to Dallas, Delta literally placed one in my lap. When I received my Diet Coke, the napkin under the cup almost made me laugh out loud. Then as my wife checked us […]
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Photo of dog in front of christmas tree and presents

B&C’s Fave Holiday Ads

The holidays are the best. They’re full of love and food and family and presents and delicious treats and fabulous sweaters and traditions, and did we mention food? They also bring out some of the best in advertising.   From Coca Cola polar bears to offbeat books from your favorite ad agency, the holidays are for stretching your creativity. […]
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Wierd photo of some of the people at B&C

Cake for Consideration: Celebrate You

Stay! It’s not everyday It’s your birthday. But when it is, the last place most people want to be is at work. I cherish the people I work with. I always have. From working at Wendy’s in high school to finally starting a career at Barker & Christol, rarely do you get the chance to […]
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