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The Making of an April Fools’ Day Prank

An inside look into the minds of the creative geniuses that work at an advertising agency. Since most people’s frame of reference is Mad Men we’re going to show you how things really go down. And no, there are no old fashioneds involved.
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Barker & Christol Announces New Product Offering – Spacevertising

Here at Barker & Christol, we like to be at the forefront of Advertising technology. We’re excited to announce our newest venture, Spacevertising.We have been in collaboration with a pioneering space product development team to build a digital broadcasting system which transmits a mass marketing message into space, aimed towards the moon.
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Super Bowl Ads

Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in 2019

Here at Barker & Christol we live and breathe advertising. So, of course, once the Super Bowl is over we love to commiserate about our favorite ads and discuss what we think is some of the year’s best advertising work.
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