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Three Reasons Your Logo Probably Stinks

Logos. The face of your company, the thing your brand is identified by, the mark that graces your business cards, website, and SWAG. Unfortunately, that logo that everyone associates you with may actually stink. There are some essential truths when it comes to good vs. bad. This blog’s purpose? To give you some objective truths […]
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Holly Jolly Masterpieces: Our Favorite Christmas Ads

Each and every year after the last trick-or-treat has been said and the moldy carved pumpkins make their way to the dumpsters, jingle bells start ringing for the Christmas season on its way. Personally, I can’t truly celebrate Christmas until I force that last bite of Thanksgiving turkey down my gullet. But lots of the […]
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B&C Team on Christmas day in front of town tree

A Year in Review: B&C 2017

This past year has been one to remember here at Barker & Christol. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And by “ups” we mean getting up to go get food and by “downs” we mean laying our heads down for a nap. Our shenanigans have brought us a ton of memorable moments, so […]
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Photo of smooth rocks stack on top of one another

5 Tips to Make Your Internship Count

5 Tips to Make Your Internship Count Here it is. The secret list you have been searching for to make your internship a success. For interns, by an intern. You made it through the interview where your prospective boss asks you questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or if you applied […]
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Blog cover image of a half painter wall the color blue with painting tools on the ground

Refresh vs. Redesign: The Value of a Flexible Website

This is a blog about building your home. No, your friendly neighborhood ad agency has not gone to the dark side of building houses. We have clients that do that. No, we’re talking about building your home on the interwebs. We’re also not talking about building a web site. That’s a house. We’re talking about […]
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How to Be a Blogger: A Blog About Blogs

Blogs. Word on the street is that they’re pretty important, and most of the marketing world agrees. For businesses, blogs do lots of things like increase SEO, increase traffic to your website, enforce your business as an expert in your field, etc. Whether you’re writing a blog for business, or a personal blog, the true […]
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