Barker & Christol Announces New Product Offering – Spacevertising

Here at Barker & Christol, we like to be at the forefront of Advertising technology. We’re excited to announce our newest venture, Spacevertising.

We have been in collaboration with a pioneering space product development team to build a digital broadcasting system which transmits a mass marketing message into space, aimed towards the moon.

The message is then reflected back to earth into receptors located in the human brain, recently discovered by scientists. The message is subsequently transmitted into our subconscious activity. Product testers describe this experience as a “deja vu.”

Beginning on April 1st, this exciting new technology will be available wherever the moon is visible. Barker & Christol has partnered with Amazon’s Blue Origin team to launch a fiber broadband cable between our offices in Murfreesboro and a computer space station located on the moon. This allows us to submit a signal from earth to the moon, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furthermore, B&C is excited by the prospect of expanding into new markets of life forms from other galaxies. Once other life forms have landed on the moon, we will be ready.

In response to concerns asserted by the atmospheric sciences community that the moon cable could potentially wrap around the earth as it spins, lassoing the moon into a lower orbit; we’ve employed an independent research team which suggests that the moon cable will instead create a new global water system. This new estuary, located near downtown Murfreesboro, will collect and distribute water to regions across the globe. A concurrent study administered by Flat Earthers, PPLC, the theoretical wrapping effect is not a concern as there is no spherical orbit.

Amanda B. Reckondwith, Global Warming expert, said “We feel confident that the earth’s atmosphere can sustain the weight of the moon. As a matter of fact, current holes in the Ozone could work like a dimple on a golf ball, providing a cradle for the moon.”

We’ll be working on a subsequent marketing campaign pitching Murfreesboro as America’s newest beach-front community.