Building Brands & Communities: A Look Into Our Project with Habitat for Humanity

When Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury (HFHWM) approached us with a project to design their new office space, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to combine our passion for and expertise in branding with the nonprofit community. Just as a nonprofit lives and breathes their mission, we believe that advertising is a lifestyle embedded in passion and a willingness to inspire and drive people. 

HFHWM gave us one mission: Take this blank canvas and turn it into a space that would inspire action in everyone who walked through the doors. 

Our response? Not a problem. That’s kind of our M.O. 

Using brand guidelines to slap some colors and a logo on a wall is simple, really. But finding the soul of a brand and turning it inside out for the rest of the world to see? That’s a challenge. A challenge that we proudly produce each day within the confines of our agency. 

From Tennessee to the rest of the world — with love 

Building houses across Williamson and Maury counties for those in need — that’s the Habitat brand. But extending that philanthropy across the ocean and all over the world? That’s the Habitat soul. 

So, how do you take that part of their soul and turn it into a tangible piece of art and branding to inspire the rest of the world? Our answer: The Map Wall. 

For every home that HFHWM builds in the state, they tithe to Habitat for Humanity International to provide shelter for an overseas family in need. The Map Wall we created connects the local chapter with its international parent brand, and illustrates the impact HFHWM has, not just on their immediate community, but on the entire world. 

Created with a goal to inspire 

As we dug deeper into Habitat’s core, we found that the true makeup of its soul extends beyond the nonprofit itself. It’s the combination of the people this brand touches that brings it to life. From volunteers to the families served, each person’s individual story is intertwined with the core makeup. 

And each of these stories breed inspiration in anyone who walks through the doors. 

No matter a visitor’s status — whether donor or housing candidate — we made plans to ensure that every individual can connect with these stories, and fuel the soul with their own personal journeys. That’s why, when people first enter the office, they are greeted by the words that Habitat for Humanity exists to serve by: Strength, Stability, Self-reliance. 

And the walls lining the hallways feature snippets of every story. From volunteer builders to the families who live in the homes, the halls are lined with powerful messages that add to the soul of the brand. 

Wrap up 

As an advertising agency, we live for all things branding. But it’s the projects where we can combine our professional expertise with a mission of serving God and our community that we cherish the most. 

To learn more about Habitat for Humanity Williamson-Maury and how you can get involved, please visit