The Covenant School

The foundation of Barker & Christol is a belief that marketing that makes humans think, feel, and act can better the world. You use words like sheparding, empowering, and celebrating. We love these words becasue they also can better the world. 

Our mission is to better the world. We think you’re doing that too.

We believe our approach to marketing is the very same. Check out some of our ideas at work below. We would love to put our mind to work on your behalf, as well.

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Our approach demystifies marketing

It took decades of time. But through countless engagements and numerous successful client relationships, we honed a process that achieves results. We demystify marketing and advertising and approach each relationship as it is — a unique and fulfilling challenge.

A partnership with B&C is more like sitting across the table from a long-time friend

We get to know you. We get to know your business. And we get to know your challenges. And with your unique perspective in our back pocket, we use our marketing expertise to generate solutions.

And unlike larger agencies where a hand-off to the B-team is a typical practice, you’ll always get our best. We are your partner through-and-through — from the first line of copy we write, ad we design, or media budge we plan.


Comfortable working relationship


Obsessed with outcomes and solving problems


A unique balance of skills and experience

We are invested in a relationship to grow your business

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