Marketing is more than algorithms
and data collections.

It’s part art project,
part sales pitch.

Because while data is crucial,
touching hearts requires a final step.

A marketing partner
who speaks Human.

So, what exactly is a marketing partner who “speaks Human”?

It actually took us some time to find the right words to define it. Because while we’ve been doing it — speaking Human — for years, we’ve never been the type to broadcast our fluency to the rest of the world.

But hey — when we put our heart and passion into proving to our clients that good advertising does make the difference, then it makes sense that we, too, put that belief into action.

This entire campaign; this massive endeavor to announce to our audiences that we are, in fact, fluent in Human stems from one conclusion: Marketers love data.

And data literally tells us that the data works. Who can argue with that? Well, we can — at least just a little.

Data does work in certain regards, like when it comes to placing your messages, deciding which audiences to target, and understanding which types of messaging will work best.

But what about actually communicating that message? What about taking that data and translating into something humans can actually relate to; translating it into a powerful and emotional message that puts audiences into action?

Well, folks, you might have guessed it but that’s where Human fluency comes in.

Human fluency is more than an ability — it’s the responsibility to combine sales pitches with art projects to create humanized marketing messages that dig deep into the core of humans. It’s the language of the heart; the language that uses whatever is required — words, images, songs — to make a person feel and to move.

So, are you ready to become fluent in Human? Partner with the agency who does it best.