Holly Jolly Masterpieces: Our Favorite Christmas Ads

Each and every year after the last trick-or-treat has been said and the moldy carved pumpkins make their way to the dumpsters, jingle bells start ringing for the Christmas season on its way. Personally, I can’t truly celebrate Christmas until I force that last bite of Thanksgiving turkey down my gullet. But lots of the world starts celebrating November 1. That justifiably includes my fellow advertisers who put tons of time, effort, energy, and moolah into holiday ads. I don’t blame them for wanting more than a one month run of their holly jolly masterpieces! To honor these efforts I’ve compiled a list of B&Cers favorite Christmas ads of all time. And check our blog closer to Christmas time to see what B&C crafted for our 2019 Christmas message. It’s a good one.

This ad says so much without words. Love the creativity, the message of connectedness, and the strong emotions of this holiday commercial.


Definitely agree with Coca Cola bears – cuteness PLUS carbonation, yes please!


Here’s one from Audi. I’ve never seen this one before, but it’s pretty great. They showcase a super relatable situation for anyone during that time of year, which helps it connect. Alongside that, it has great actors, music direction and is done with little to no dialogue. Just really well done.


Thought this was wonderful the first time I saw it, even though it’s in German. A great reminder of how we can let the important things get away from us.

It comes as no surprise that everything Wes Anderson touches I love. H&M’s 2016 Christmas short film directed by Wes Anderson is absolutely at the top of my list. Maybe it’s because it’s perfectly stunning, maybe it’s Adrien Brody, maybe it’s the showcase of H&M’s ever-classic fashion, maybe it’s because Wes Anderson still hasn’t given me a Christmas movie and this could be the closest I get? Regardless, I adore it.

I saw this last year and fell in love because it is everything I want to be in a dad. #fromthedadjokeking