The Importance of Having Fun at Work

Work hard, play harder!

Love what you do, do what you love.

Laugh to keep from crying.

You’ve heard the -isms. It’s good to laugh and have fun at work. And it may be more important than you think. Happy companies make more money.

Sometimes you get lucky and everyone has a good time WHILE they produce great work. And sometimes you have to work at it.

Here are our top 5 favorite ways to celebrate working together:

1. Throw a brick.

Well, not a real one – a foam toy. If you get snarky at Barker & Christol, you can count getting pinged with a foam brick. True story!

2. Gaze dreamily.

Not at each other, that’d be weird. But it’s important (and fun) to think, dream and plan where the company will be in 5 years. This can really rejuvenate the entrepreneur personalities in your mix. It’s very similar to the “If you won the lottery” game.

3. Shoot up the place.

With Nerf darts, as you run away from each other. Yes, it’s a kids toy and yes we also have a bucket of extra ammo for whenever the mood strikes.

4. Lunch!

Don’t underestimate the power of a full hour away from the desk. Take turns picking the restaurant or order pizza and watch a show together. Everyone gets a break and you build commradere at the same time!

5. Write down the hilarious things you say.

Keep these somewhere everyone can view when they need a brain break. Whether it’s scraps of paper pinned to a cork board or a Pinterest page like ours this technique can provide tons of fun for everyone.