Keeping Up With the Times

Keeping Up with the Times

How to stay current in marketing and advertising when everything is changing…like every week.

Whether you graduated from college 5, 10 or 20 years ago, we can all relate to the fact that much of what we’ve learned has changed, especially in the digital realm. So how do you keep up to date on everything so you are able to provide the best guidance to your clients? Below are four ways to stay current.


And here you are, reading this blog post right now. Luckily for us, most industry leaders manage their own blogs where free tips from professionals get sent right to your desktop/phone. My favorite aspect about this resource is being able to start each work-day with a 5-minute read. All you have to do is subscribe, and their daily dose of expert advice will be shot directly to your inbox. This allows you to digest the information and decompress before you get to the real work at hand. Both Seth Godin and Mark Schaefer have a weekly blog that you can subscribe to.


Those who have a commute in the morning understand just how valuable a good podcast can be. The average American spends over 30 minutes in the car on the way to work each day. So instead of wasting that time doing your own solo version of carpool karaoke, put it to good use by cueing up a podcast where you can learn valuable info from industry pros. A couple of my favorite podcasts are Social Pros, Marketing Over Coffee and Marketing School (which is great for shorter commuters as they are usually less than 10 min). Also, podcasts are a great opportunity to keep up with what is going on in the world, and The Daily is one of my favorites. Your dose of daily news, all compacted in a 20-minute show.


Apologies to all you tablet lovers out there, but there is nothing better than a softcover book. But in any form, there are thousands of books available to help you hone your craft. Scientists have proven reading creates cognitive engagement that improves things such as vocabulary, thinking skills and concentration. As mentioned before, there are a multitude of options, some on my list are The Advertising Concept Book and Under Think It.


I may be guilty of signing up to every webinar provided by AdWeek and then, missing each, one by one, when it comes time to join. BUT, thankfully the on-demand feature is great for going back to listen at a time that is convenient for you. And of course, we all have those days when we’re forced to eat lunch at our desk. AdWeek webinars take about an hour and always start at 12:00 CST. There is a broad spectrum of options, from Closing the CX Gap to How your Agency can win the Work you Actually Want.

Now alright people – get back to work.