Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in 2019

Super Bowl Ads

Here at Barker & Christol we live and breathe advertising. So, of course, once the Super Bowl is over we love to commiserate about our favorite ads and discuss what we think is some of the year’s best advertising work. We asked each B&Cer to share their favorite ads, and here’s what everyone had to say.

From our fearless leader Brooks:

The Wind Never Felt Better by Budweiser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6VciSoR1iQ was my favorite ad this year. I’m a sucker for the good Anheuser Busch spots. I love the emotional tug of a deeply American brand. This one was redeeming for a couple of years of pandering spots. Not only was it emotional, but it also had a purpose other than “Buy Our Beer”. The execution was seamless (as was the camera work), and the story told in one single camera move was extremely cinematic. It was why I love Anheuser Busch’s advertising.

And from our other fearless leader, Steve:

My first choice was Bud Light Special Delivery https://youtu.be/LkHvj_KEHBk ad. Easily the most memorable. While it played well off the popularity of the Dilly Dilly series, it was a long format to make only one point of difference. But no one will forget the point either. Incredible production. It paid homage to both Monty Python in the opening dialogue style and Lord of the Rings in its grand but brief visual style.

Honorable Mention: Say The Word by Mercedes Benz https://youtu.be/R84j8pmH-d0. It was clever and well done but without the impact of the Bud Light spots. It did capture my attention with its flawless production and kept me there as I wondered what the speaking and manifesting was going to reveal. The reveal was a major let down as it just didn’t pay off the amazing build up. However, the Lassie cameo in the middle was one of my favorite moments all night. Made me react out loud as it was so out of the blue and brought a smile to my face. Had to reiwin and see Lassie again. Thanks, Mercedes.

From our organization guru, Autumn:

I’m still choking back feels after the Microsoft’s We All Win ad https://youtu.be/_YISTzpLXCY for letting the kids be the stars of the show and for the best tag line “When everybody plays, we all win.” By far the best one of the super bowl.

I also liked The Twilight Zone https://youtu.be/fZsWrusH41I for the best fake out ever. Can’t wait for April!

And the Pepsi ad https://youtu.be/9sYElEbRzKA for using Steve Carell in the More Than OK ad. I still like Coke better, but I love that Pepsi’s fighting the fight.

Gunnar had this to say:

My fave was the Bud Light x Game of Thrones https://youtu.be/QoLiRI5swVk ad. It was a brilliant idea to bring the two brands together after the previous Bud Light ad had set viewers up to expect a continuation of the story. So the introduction of Game of Thrones was a complete surprise. For two different companies (HBO & Budweiser), two different ad agencies, and two different directors to pull this off was wonderful.

Katelyn thought this ad was the best:

After the sea of Bud Light commercials, I would have to say Amazon’s Not Everything Makes the Cut ad https://youtu.be/8y-1h_C8ad8 was extremely refreshing and enjoyable. Maybe it’s because of Harrison Ford? Either way, while this was not pulling at the heartstrings (that Microsoft ad, am I right?) or exceptionally creative, the all-star cast and humor made it memorable.

And Kaylyn loved these ads:

I had a couple! If I had to break it down, my favorite was the 100-Year Game ad https://youtu.be/tJjiIuH1VnY because it was simply hilarious. I loved how so many “greats” got together to support this milestone. I need to find the “behind the scenes” video for this shoot.

My other was Google’s Job Search for Veterans https://youtu.be/fJopp9RlPJc. This hit close to home, coming from a family full of military members – both past and present. I loved how it was specific to MOS and there was a certain aspect that only men and women of our armed forces would understand.

From our creative genius, Dustin:

I also really liked the Bud Light x Game of Thrones ad https://youtu.be/QoLiRI5swVk for the complete surprise it presented to viewers. Makes every previous ad feel like a setup for this one big finale, though, that is clearly not the case. Goes to show it’s okay for brands to partner without diminishing one another. They complimented each other so well because of the era, even though one is much more serious and the other comical.

And from our office funnyman, Tyler:

The Pringles Sad Device ad https://youtu.be/tDakI68u2xE is my favorite because of its funny way of having an Alexa-type product spill its feelings. I like it for the humor.

Finally, from our digital diva, Mel:

Having a child with special needs, my favorite was Microsoft’s We All Win ad https://youtu.be/_YISTzpLXCY. Its message of inclusion, acceptance and making technology accessible to everyone gave me all the feels, and I *may have gone through several tissues after watching it. (Also, it confirms my belief that Bill Gates should be master of the universe because of his business savvy and philanthropic endeavors.)

I also loved Google’s 100 Billion Words ad https://youtu.be/uXfJc8up6cM because of its emotional appeal and message of bringing people together using technology during times of polarization and divisiveness. What can I say, I’m a sap. Technology companies for the win, IMO, for the best Super Bowl ads in 2019.