B&C Team on Christmas day in front of town tree

A Year in Review: B&C 2017

This past year has been one to remember here at Barker & Christol. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And by “ups” we mean getting up to go get food and by “downs” we mean laying our heads down for a nap. Our shenanigans have brought us a ton of memorable moments, so […]
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Tablet on table with a design talking about SEO

Search Basics: SEO 101

Search Basics: SEO 101 Search.  What is it?  Why is it so important?  Search has become integrated into the fabric of our society.  In fact, over 200 billion searches are performed a month.  Google, the internet search giant, has become a household name.  Information that we would once have had to spend hours searching for at […]
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Person holding phone trying to scan a QR code

Native QR Integration: It’s About Time

“Apple is a man’s best friend,” she said. Apple release some great new functionality with iOS11 this week. I’m a marketing geek, so what caught my eye? QR Code functionality native to the Camera app! The article I read sort of glossed over it, characterizing it as cool, but otherwise pretty much, meh. I guess […]
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Retro Robot on a White Background

Pontifications on Chat Bots and AI in Marketing

Someone asked a question this morning on new-comer professional social networking platform Alignable regarding the efficacy of Facebook Bots. It got me thinking about a lot, from the actual use of a Bot and AI, the future of online vs human-based shopping, and the fear of a computer-driven world as we adopt AI into our […]
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Somone holding a virtual reality headset

Is Virtual Reality The Future?

Recently, my family and I picked up an HTC Vive headset for our computer… and wow! What an incredible thing. Our initial reaction was that we were blown away. In fact, “blown away” is a common reaction from all our guests that have used it. This is certainly not the Virtual Reality of the 90’s. […]
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Photo of feet surrounding a tablet

Why You Should Wear Matching Socks and Film a Star Wars Video With Your Co-Workers: The Power of Bonding

There’s value in doing weird things together. Now hear me out. I know, it sounds strange, but it’s true! Even science says so. The bonds that you form over shared strange experiences are oftentimes unbreakable, hilarious, and makes for great chemistry. Aziz Ansari did the research for his book Modern Romance  (I’m late to the […]
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Dinosaurs running from meteors

Is Social Media Marketing Dying?

Oh, you stop it. Stop it right there. Of course social media marketing isn’t going the way of the dinosaur. Now, is it still the shining centerpiece & catch-all of marketing strategies across the board? No, not exactly. When social media platforms were first used for business it was like an internet version of the […]
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Illustration of a group of people

Do You Actually Know Your Audience?

Who is your audience? It’s one of those questions you’re guaranteed to be asked by your marketing team. We must know. But you may be thinking that it’s an unfair question because your marketing team should absolutely know your audience. Right? Yes and no. Audiences aren’t just demographics such as Male or Female, 18-24, with […]
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Image of a computer monitor with text on the screen

What is Local SEO

Are you a Dentist? A Lawyer? Do you own a local coffee shop? Perhaps you’re a photographer that finds clients locally. These professions, and many more, rely on searchers finding them on search engines such as Google. You may not know it, but according to Google’s research studies, “4 in 5 consumers use search engines […]
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