MTCS Enrollment Integrated Campaign

For a community to stand out, it needs a Different School.

All things being equal, we found the USP.

Convince parents of school-age children that MTCS is worth the investment. You see, Murfreesboro has a great public school system, so why would they spend their money on a private education?

Online, in print, outdoor and direct mail all join up to make the case for a Christian-based education. Pointing out the only difference that matters to their audience. The schools in the area are all good schools, but only one taught the spiritual foundation that they want for their kids. The campaign tactics all point the prospects to the custom landing page that fleshed out the details and guided them to contacting the school.

The campaign beat enrollment goals and increased the perceived value of the school in the community, setting up a residual increase in fundraising and other benefits.

Project Info

Middle Tennessee Christian School 
Direct Mail, Outdoor, Landing Page
Photography, Andrew Morton
MTCS Orange Campaign
Middle Tennessee Christian School Print Layout Design on Card Image
Middle Tennessee Christian School Billboard Layout Design
Middle Tennessee Christian School Photograph of Children Smiling
Middle Tennessee Christian School Photograph of Children in Class Raising Hands
Middle Tennessee Christian School Photograph of Children in Hall Way Smiling