Steam Fest Event Branding & Identity System

A branding and identity system for a statewide S.T.E.A.M. festival.

Finally. A chance to see our brains at work. Literally.

The Discovery Center at Murfree Springs is an award-winning children’s museum in Murfreesboro. A huge attraction to Middle Tennessee families, and trailblazers in the science and children’s museum world. The museum launched an annual week-long festival to break down the walls of access and introduce the concept of STEAM to families (You probably know STEM, just add the Arts). We partnered with the museum to brand the festival. The plan was to begin small, focusing on Middle Tennessee, and then expand to the entire state. 

Soup to nuts as the saying goes. We built the entire festival’s visual identity from the logo to the environmental graphics standards. We brought the website to life and then even implemented an event of our own that made heads turn upward. (look for the robot)

Through the tenacity of teamwork and a really smart identity system, the festival spread statewide the first year with events happening in Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Johnson City and, of course, here in Murfreesboro. But the statewide exposure created a new problem, brand policing on a much larger scale than the museum was prepared for. Barker & Christol to the rescue with a system of standards and tools to help the participants maintain the brand look. 

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