Refresh vs. Redesign: The Value of a Flexible Website

Blog cover image of a half painter wall the color blue with painting tools on the ground

This is a blog about building your home. No, your friendly neighborhood ad agency has not gone to the dark side of building houses. We have clients that do that. No, we’re talking about building your home on the interwebs. We’re also not talking about building a web site. That’s a house. We’re talking about your home. You know the difference between a house and home, right? Your personality.

Businesses aren’t stagnant. Much like a person, businesses can change daily. They grow, they shrink, they become more serious, or maybe they let their hair down a bit. Regardless, businesses have personalities and those personalities are constantly in flux.

So let’s say you’re this business. You’re growing and changing and evolving, and you need a “home” where people can visit and learn more about you. Now you don’t want just any old “home.” You want your home to show your personality, but also be able to change with you, and the times. Say your home was designed in the 1970’s. It’s probably full of vinyl chairs, bright paisley, shag carpet, and avocadocolored appliances. You may be just as groovy now as you were in ‘76, but that’s certainly not what you want your “home” to look like in 2016. A well designed home can be updated without much work: the appliances replaced, a new paint job, maybe even a new carpet, but the bones of the home stay the same.

Metaphorically speaking, a business’s home is its website. It’s where people go to visit – and to see if they’re comfortable there and with potentially working with you. If your website is planned and designed well, it can change with you. A few new pictures here, a new “paint job” there, and it’s refreshed to fit your business’s evolving personality.

Imagine it isn’t though…imagine something’s wrong – your website is trapped in the past – the foundation is flawed. Your business is growing and thriving, but your outdated website says otherwise. (RE: avocado appliances, shag carpet, paisley wallpaper). But there’s hope yet if your home looks like an homage to the Forman household. That’s where we come in. We can be the builders, to create a “home” that is timeless, flexible, strategic, and also pretty.

Your business is bound to grow and change, it’s just a fact of life. It’s important that your “home” reflects your brand.  You shouldn’t need a bulldozer every time your business grows. With us, all you’ll need is a bucket of paint, a few good brushes, and the artistic genius at Barker & Christol.