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Illustrative drawling of people side by side saying the word just.

It’s just a word.

We’re on a mission at B&C these days. Our goal — to eliminate the word JUST from our vocabulary. This four-letter word ranks as one of the most powerful and underestimated words in English. Michelle and Brooks will take you on a journey of a diminutive word of great power. Thoughts from Brooks: It’s my […]
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Illustration of a group of people

Do You Actually Know Your Audience?

Who is your audience? It’s one of those questions you’re guaranteed to be asked by your marketing team. We must know. But you may be thinking that it’s an unfair question because your marketing team should absolutely know your audience. Right? Yes and no. Audiences aren’t just demographics such as Male or Female, 18-24, with […]
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Image of a computer monitor with text on the screen

What is Local SEO

Are you a Dentist? A Lawyer? Do you own a local coffee shop? Perhaps you’re a photographer that finds clients locally. These professions, and many more, rely on searchers finding them on search engines such as Google. You may not know it, but according to Google’s research studies, “4 in 5 consumers use search engines […]
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Photo of our Summer intern Shelby

A Summer of Shelby: Meet the Intern

Hey, my name is Shelby Deaton… well Piatt as of October 2015. I will answer to both though. I am a recent graduate from Nossi College of Art where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design Media. That is also where I found my passion for the advertising industry. I grew up in the […]
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Ghost busters photo of them getting ready to shoot all three of there guns

Don’t Cross the Streams

Don’t cross the streams… Okay let us explain.   One of the most difficult parts of composing an effective marketing strategy is knowing what media to choose without contaminating the the other streams.  You’ve heard me say it again and again, marketing is about hitting the right audience with the right message through the right […]
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The Threshold Effect

The first paid print ad in the U.S. appeared in a New England newspaper in 1704. But it is Benjamin Franklin who is the real father of advertising in America. Both his publications in the 1760’s, the Philadelphia Gazette and General Magazine, featured print ads, many written by Franklin himself. Now, knowing that not everyone […]
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