The Making of an April Fools’ Day Prank

If you missed our April 1st post,

And social posts –, you may have called our bluff. No, we are not introducing Spacevertising to the modern world, although, we do think it has potential.

We are, however, going to give you an inside look into the minds of the creative geniuses that work at an advertising agency. Since most people’s frame of reference is Mad Men we’re going to show you how things really go down. And no, there are no old fashioneds involved.

Each week, B&C starts with a production meeting where we run through the list of projects we’re working on. Around Mid-March, our Social Director said: “We need an EPIC idea for an April Fools Day prank.” You learn early on at an ad agency that it is never a good idea to utter the words, “we need an idea” unless you have several hours to kill, and especially not when you have deadlines to meet.

Without hesitation, simultaneously began to shout out ideas. “We should change our tagline from “Strategy and Imagination” to “Biscuits and Gravy,” yelled one person.  “We could tell our clients that we’re moving again?” howled another. “Let’s show up to work in gorilla suits to scare the other tenants!” shouted another. Many minutes and interruptions later, someone cried out “How about we send signals into outer space to advertise to our alien friends?”

Thus, an idea was born. It began with Brooks and Mel writing some nonsensical copy for a blog post. After many iterations and input from the entire team at B&C, we forwarded it on to our Senior Art Director, Dustin to animate the idea.

While the post and video are all in good fun, Dustin and the rest of the staff at B&C put in some serious work to make the prank come to fruition in order to entertain you, our followers. So that you can see the work that went into our prank, Dustin created a video with the steps he took to create the video for the post, check it out.

Now that April Fool’s Day 2019 is but a distant memory, we feel like our prank will go down in B&C history as one of the greats. If nothing else, it was a conduit for getting our creative juices flowing and adding some laughs to our day. If you enjoyed our prank, please like our post and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.