We Know What We Like — And What We Like Works Well

We know a thing or two about great advertising. Don’t @ us.

Actually, we’re kind of…obsessed with all things advertising and marketing. And yes, some may call us nerdy. But we prefer “independently and collectively passionate.”

To give y’all a little insight as to how our ad minds work, we wanted to share some of our favorite campaigns and why we love them.

Our favorites span across the board — from campaigns that exhibit incredibly top-notch marketing strategy to those that inspire social change.

So dive in and enjoy. But before you do, we just have one request: Please be kind as you enter our minds. Things get a little ~ weird ~ in there.

Sydney Eddy (Copywriter)

Delta ‘4 AM’

Delta ‘Runways’

Y’all. Both of these spots.
I cry.

First of all, leave it to Delta to write two very quotable scripts.

“The old saying, ‘good things come to those who wait’, is just that — old. Good things come to those who go.”

“Because the ones who truly change the world are the ones who can’t wait to get out in it.”

Second, the art direction in BOTH spots is absolutely phenomenal.

We all know that early-morning-waking-up-for-a-flight-before-the-sun feeling. And those of us who genuinely love travel can fully appreciate that feeling. And the “Runways” concept? Good Lord. The entire world needs to Venmo a single dollar to the mastermind behind it.

Delta, you have my heart forever.

Both of these spots will forever make me choose Delta. Like, they could literally fall to the Spirit Airlines level and I will still use my AmEx Delta SkyMiles credit card to purchase an overpriced cocktail on an international Delta flight any day of the week.

But that’s what good advertising does. It inspires loyalty and trust. I am a basic Delta girl forever and always. There, I said it.

Mark Lively (VP of Client Engagement)

The General Insurance ‘Shower’

Shaq is a big man and athlete with a humorous side to his personality — makes for a great brand ambassador!
Steve Barker (Creative Director)
Tide to Go ‘Talking Stain’

The talking stain is a perfect example of an “object lesson” concept. Simple and perfectly executed!

Steve Barker (Creative Director)

Tide to Go ‘Talking Stain’

The talking stain is a perfect example of an “object lesson” concept. Simple and perfectly executed!

Gunnar Eng (Director of Accounts)

eTrade ‘Babies’

The eTrade babies!! Incredibly well executed, incredibly funny. The campaign built a cult-like following and kicked a$$ on the Super Bowl.

Bri Malaspino (Art Director & Creative Manager)

Lego ‘Words puzzle, Tractor’

I think these lego ads are really well done. It captures the idea of selecting a few pieces from within a pile of legos to create something new and imaginative. I have long-admired this series.

Brooks Christol (CEO)

I’m always the outlier and never conform to the expectation — so I don’t have a favorite. I LOVE campaigns that have staying power; ones that maybe worked or maybe didn’t work, but had something to make them pop culture icons.

Here’s a few:

Milk: Does a Body Good
Budweiser: Frogs or Wazzup
Dove: Real Beauty (before it was trendy to use real people instead of models)
Doublemint Gum: Twins
Coca-Cola: Almost anything. Primarily the Polar Bears, Hilltop Singers (I’d like to teach the world to sing)
Miller Light: Tastes Great Less Filling
Volkswagen: Farfegnugen
DeBeers: A Diamond is Forever
American Express: Don’t Leave Home Without It
Dodge Neon Introduction: Hello
Brain on Drugs Fried Egg

If the ad campaign ends up in movies or in a comedian’s routines or on SNL…that’s making waves and that’s great advertising. Obviously it can be made fun of for bad reasons, but that rarely happens. But like the Brain on Drugs — the knowledge of that spot far out-lived its life on TV.

Rachael Parker (Traffic Manager)

Always ‘#likeagirl’

To this day it gives me chills. It will be the hill that I die on. Just because you identify as female does not mean you are any less powerful than any other gender. To see someone put it in such a straightforward way, made me cry the first time I saw it.

Dove ‘Evolution’

Living in such a distorted world, this commercial was a gut punch when it came out. Photoshop is something that a large chunk of the world has just lived with. Knowing but not fully internalizing that, the commercial beauty they see around them is not real.

P&G ‘Thank you Mom’

I mean, come on. This was built to make you cry. Not only the extra emotions the Olympics give you, but all of the athletes and their moms!

Gillette ‘Best A Man Can Get?’

Again, like the other ones on this list. Commercials where they seem to genuinely be trying to make the world better, is what I want.

Hershey Kiss ‘Christmas’

For my final one, this signals Christmas to me. There weren’t many years in my life before this commercial came out. It has been at the heart of all my Christmases (and Birthday seasons)

Betsy Durso (Art Director)

Allstate ‘Mayhem’

I love the Allstate Mayhem ads. They are funny and interesting, so you are hooked and want to watch the whole thing.

Car insurance can be tricky because you never know what they will cover. So I like that they talk about random things happening because a lot of times that’s what DOES happen — and it makes you feel safe with them.

I also like the tagline “dollar for dollar, nobody protect you from mayhem like Allstate.” Because — let’s be honest — a lot of it is about money.

Overall, this campaign is funny, direct, and simple. My favorite kind.