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Singer Digital Campaign Results

With a 166 year history, everyone has a Singer story. Singer sewing machines likely made the clothes on your back and the curtains in your den. With a brand name as old as your great-great-great-grandmother, and an assumed customer base …

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SingerStore Videos

The best advocate for your brand is your own customer. We tapped into the creative minds of Singer customer reviewers. What we found made for some of the most fun and unusual copy lines EVER! Married with “anything but typical” visuals, and …

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Singer Digital Campaign

Singer Sewing is one of America’s oldest brands. Can you name one older than 165 years? (Bet you first thought “Coca-Cola” but that was 1886). It was an honor to be asked to achieve, and a point of pride to …

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Old Time Pottery Grand Opening Media

An effective media buy can be the difference between retail success and failure. When Old Time Pottery opened its Daytona Beach store, the brand’s 39th retail location, it turned to Barker & Christol to strategize a successful grand opening in …

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MTCS Enrollment Campaign

After a comprehensive rebranding of the 60 year old institution in 2014, Middle Tennessee Christian School wanted a late summer enrollment boost for the 2015 fall semester. Without a consistent media campaign as a foundation, the agency needed to create …

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Sharing Change Integrated Campaign

SharingChange by Middle Tennessee Electric, A campaign that makes giving back to the community the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

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Roscoe Brown Brand Integration

Roscoe Brown Brand Integration It’s not a simple feat to make HVAC fun and exciting, but we accomplished just that with a quirky little character named “Travis”.  Travis’ personality extends beyond our TV commercials. He can be found in social media, …

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Consort Homes Branding Campaign

Consort simply builds better homes than many of their competitors. But how do we say it in a way that the consumer really believes it? Easy! Right and left brain messaging. Never a more perfect strategy to appeal to those salt-of-the earth types who live in the Show Me State.

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The Blue Porch Brand identity

The Blue Porch has given many new customers (including a famous movie star) happy tummies. Moonshine cookies are flying out their door. And the new packaging has won the hearts of distribution partners and the 2014 American Advertising Awards judges.

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American Red Cross Capital Brochure

At the receiving end of the typical non-profit “ask” is a vast sea of plastic binders filled with carefully chosen pleading words in 12-pt sans serif single-spaced type. We didn’t want the readers of our client’s presentation piece to be …

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AAF Illuminaddy Nashville Campaign

The entry guide had crazy rules of etiquette to follow, and orders to dress in black and white to even be considered to join the hush hush secret society the IlluminADDY.

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@Home Care Campaign

The elderly woman who’s fallen and can’t get up, The shell-shocked new mother with the “deer-in-the-headlight” eyes. The guy in the cast who’s fallen out of bed. Cliché, tire, old, over used (enough adjectives for you?) greeting card images all. …

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The Jones Company Branding and Promotions

In one Sunday newspaper insertion in the local newspaper, the ad Barker & Christol created for The Jones Company elicited 120 individual responses and $50 million in potential sales. Unheard of results!

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City Tile Digital Campaign

No More Boring Flooring Did you know Shag is back in? Thank goodness Harvest Gold and Avocado Green are still relegated to grandma’s house. What about hand-scraped tile? Or reclaimed barnwood? Today’s flooring options are as varied as nuts and …

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Stones River Mall Retail Campaigns

Stone River Mall is a fun client. Promoting The Mall to young audiences on the campus of the state’s largest college, or pushing Black Friday Shopping is the pinnacle of retail advertising Stones River Mall Black Friday We put this …

We are visionary masterminds, content maestros, solution wizards or whatever you need. We're here for you in big ways, delivering STRATEGY IMAGINED.

J. Brooks Christol

About Us

We're cooler than we look

Murfreesboro Marketing Team


Our philosophy

How We Work

Creating great advertising and public relations isn’t just about being trendy or clever. In fact, we believe it has to start with something that really matters to people. We begin by finding commonalities between what the consumer desires and what our client offers. Then we aggressively use our Marketing Matrix to figure out strategic solutions to position our clients and their brands at the top of the market. We obsess over finding the right message before we fixate on producing the right design. We have a fanatical devotion to creating great, effective marketing.

We believe advertising brings the highest rewards when it’s smart and aimed properly. We also believe in world peace, rainbows and fluffy kitties.

Besides being super talented hip-hop dancers (no really, check it out), we spend our days working hard, so you can breathe easy. We help brands and people interact. Branding. First, we create the message and then we determine the right medium. After all, trends and technology change, people don’t. Whether it’s determining your overall brand strategy, coordinating a public relations campaign or managing your social media, we’ll bend over backwards to be number one on your speed dial.

We’ve won some awards, too. But we don’t like to brag.


fancy, shiny things



But enough about us…oh wait.

The result of awe-inspiring work doesn’t always result in pretty, shiny trophies. But, when it does, it’s mind-blowing! And we get to claim that we are an award winning advertising agency! This year, our creative team continued its history of award winning work by receiving more Addy Awards. They didn’t let us give a speech at the ceremony, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our mothers and ….  A humongous thanks to our clients who allowed us to be très creative and trusted us to make extraordinary things happen. Plus occasionally we allow them to glance at the pretty, shiny trophies from afar.

And the results are in…

Awards and results sit on the same shelf:

A Sunday newspaper ad that resulted in $50 million in potential sales.

A new integrated website strategy that generated 1,100 percent increase in website interaction.

A non-profit capital campaign brochure with a goal to raise $1,000,000 in 6 months. They raised it in 100 days. It was so successful, it is being duplicated for the Memphis market.

An event public relations campaign that in four weeks helped increase ticket sales by 50% and brought in additional sponsors. It was the most successful in the event’s 19-year history, bringing in 15% more people than their most successful year to date.

Crystal and Paper

2009 Silver Addy – Upper Room Books

2009 Gold Addy  – Nashville International Airport Black History Month Ad

2009 AAF Judges’ Favorite for Diversity Award – Nashville International Airport Black History Month Ad

20010 Gold Addy – Self Promotion

2011 Gold Addy – American Red Cross, Heart of Tennessee Chapter Capital Campaign Brochure

2011 Silver Addy (Regional) – American Red Cross, Heart of Tennessee Chapter Capital Campaign Brochure

2013 Gold Addy – Barker & Christol Christmas Box

2014 Silver Addy – Blue Porch Restaurant Hot Sauce Labels

2014 Silver Addy – Sanders Mfg Catalog

2015 Silver Addy – AAF IlluminADDY Call for Entries Handbook

2015 Silver Addy – AAF IlluminADDY Video

2015 Gold Addy – AAF IlluminADDY Campaign

2016 Gold ADDY – Roscoe Brown Jingle



J. Brooks Christol - Partner - Barker & Christol, LLC

J. Brooks Christol


Steve Barker - Partner - Barker & Christol, LLC

Steve Barker


Autumn Shultz - Operations Manager - Barker & Christol, LLC

Autumn Shultz

Operations Manager

Gunnar Eng - Director of Accounts - Barker & Christol, LLC

Gunnar Eng

Director of Accounts

Riley Richardson - Account Coordinator - Barker & Christol, LLC

Riley Richardson

Account Executive

Dustin Lippert - Art Director - Barker & Christol, LLC

Dustin Lippert

Art Director

Judy Caplan - Media Director - Barker & Christol, LLC

Judy Caplan

Media Director

Grant Gofourth - Digital Marketing Strategist - Barker & Christol, LLC

Grant GoFourth

Digital Marketing Strategist

Brandon Hernandez

Social Media Manager

Our Clients

Keepin' Our Friends Close


Our Clients

Our clients want creative solutions to the unique problems they encounter when bringing their product or service into the marketplace. Like how to display a 14-foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in a room with an eight foot tall ceiling.

They trust that we will dive into their business and become a partner in getting a message to their customers that spurs action. Action being buying their stuff.

Our clients understand the power of marketing. They give us the latitude to use all of the marketing tools available to develop a strategy designed to help solve their unique problems. They also do our taxes and feed us.

The main thing is that our customers are cool people. Not hipster cool, although we do have some of those, but just genuinely good people who care about their customers. And we care about our customers. Okay, group hug.


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We are a well-hydrated group

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MB109B Infantry, Barker & Christol Division, reporting for duty. #MayTheFouthBeWithYou #StarWarsDay

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Actual footage of us playing basketball. That's why we'll be cheering on @MT_MBB from the office today. #TrueBlue #MarchMadness #GoRaiders

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