SharingChange Branding & Integrated Campaign.

All we had to do was convince 225,000 members to do what they learned in kindergarten. Share.

It’s not often you get to actually change the world.


When Middle Tennessee Electric decided to rename & rebrand their charitable foundation it was a great responsibility. The biggest hurdle to overcome was that the enrollment of every member needed to be voluntary and intentional.


Our research was extensive and the planning intense. The creative hit upon the perfect combination of subtle humor and a promise of the easiest giving process imaginable. Using a plethora of media (TV, print, radio, social, web, and PR) the integrated campaign blanketed the media landscape for the first quarter then trailed off to a maintenance level.


The strategy paid off. Enrollment for similar foundation sign-ups hover in the single digits but within 18 months the campaign garnered an almost 50% participation rate. This means literally millions of dollars in giving to the communities that MTE serves. Mic Dropped. World Changed.


Middle Tennessee Electric


Brand Identity, Video (Broadcast, Digital) Radio, Print Advertising, Social Media, Web, POP, PR, Outdoor


Hummingbird Studio, Spotland Productions,
Hawkins Studio: Dave Hawkins






in funding since 2003
"We work superbly well together because they have a high regard for team and authenticity."

Chris Jones

CEO, Middle Tennessee Electric