Singer eCommerce Campaign

Singer Sewing machine let their social reviews sing their praises.

We found the perfect words.

Uncover a younger market for Singer sewing machines and drive them to the Singer online store.

Influencer campaigns take on many different faces, so we snagged the faces of Singer on Facebook and YouTube to connect with new buyers. We sourced the best reviews, engaged the reviewers, and built amazing videos using their actual words. And did they have a lot to say! The quotes were crafted into quirky, fun videos that cut through the clutter ‘like it was warm butter’.

Increased sales 100% over previous fourth quarter, doubled eCommerce traffic in just six months, dramatically improved budget efficiency, gave the people something to talk about. The only hitch in the whole thing was the site literally ran out of product on a regular basis. So, maybe we were a little too good?

Project Info

Digital video
In-House production