Experience Membership Integrated Awareness Campaign.

An integrated campaign targeting 225,000 Middle Tennesseans with a powerful identity crisis.

Not your typical ad campaign.


Middle Tennessee Electric is the second largest electric co-op in the country, and its members live in one of the fastest growing MSAs in the country. The once-rural electric co-op is quickly urbanizing with individuals and families moving into the market not familiar with the member-owned cooperative concept. Our charge was to make customers into engaged members. We had to connect to everyone, so demographics and psychographics were a huge challenge. Every buyer of electricity, from college students renting apartments, to empty-nesters in established neighborhoods, and rural families on the farm were our target.


We orchestrated a full spectrum campaign utilizing almost the gamut of media options – print, digital, television, OTT, and social included. We adjusted the message based on the medium. All with the intent to inform and create a sense of being a member.


To measure a change to members’ perception we must rely on qualitative benchmarking instead of empirical results. The campaign has supported the improvement of scores in adopted indices and compelling Facebook interaction in the form of likes, and comments, and great web traffic, we are seeing an energy as this campaign continues to roll.


Middle Tennessee Electric


Outdoor, Radio, Video (Broadcast, Digital), Print Material, Print Advertising, POP, Environmental, Social Media (Static, Video)


Arsenal Films: Producer, Todd Crowder; Director, David Stepp 
Rutherford Studios: Mike Rutherford

"We work superbly well together because they have a high regard for team and authenticity."

Chris Jones

CEO, Middle Tennessee Electric