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Three Reasons Your Logo Probably Stinks

Logos. The face of your company, the thing your brand is identified by, the mark that graces your business cards, website, and SWAG. Unfortunately, that logo that everyone associates you with may actually stink. There are some essential truths when it comes to good vs. bad. This blog’s purpose? To give you some objective truths […]
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Holly Jolly Masterpieces: Our Favorite Christmas Ads

Each and every year after the last trick-or-treat has been said and the moldy carved pumpkins make their way to the dumpsters, jingle bells start ringing for the Christmas season on its way. Personally, I can’t truly celebrate Christmas until I force that last bite of Thanksgiving turkey down my gullet. But lots of the […]
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One Ridiculously Simple Trick to Change the World

At Barker & Christol, we believe strongly that it’s our mission to change the world. Lofty? Maybe. We know that advertising can change minds, but can it change hearts? We think so. To support our mission of changing the world, we have a group of passionate and devoted individuals who donate their time and talents to support charitable work in our community. We’d like to use this blog post to shine a light on some of the incredible organizations we work with, and inspire you to find your own passion project.
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Super Bowl Ads

Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads in 2019

Here at Barker & Christol we live and breathe advertising. So, of course, once the Super Bowl is over we love to commiserate about our favorite ads and discuss what we think is some of the year’s best advertising work.
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A Broadly Specific Design

By design, many of the messages we see every day are broadly specific. Here’s a definition of broadly specific messaging – “A memorable or stirring statement that uses broad and specific elements.” For a mental picture, being broadly specific is like climbing a mountain. On the peak of the mountain sits a massive oak tree. […]
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Illustrative drawling of people side by side saying the word just.

It’s just a word.

We’re on a mission at B&C these days. Our goal — to eliminate the word JUST from our vocabulary. This four-letter word ranks as one of the most powerful and underestimated words in English. Michelle and Brooks will take you on a journey of a diminutive word of great power. Thoughts from Brooks: It’s my […]
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