A Year in Review: B&C 2017

B&C Team on Christmas day in front of town tree

This past year has been one to remember here at Barker & Christol. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs. And by “ups” we mean getting up to go get food and by “downs” we mean laying our heads down for a nap. Our shenanigans have brought us a ton of memorable moments, so we decided to make this list of some of our favorite one’s for you to enjoy (and laugh at). Remember that time….

      • When the Gigamax robot was coming across the street to the event we set up and everyone got quiet.
      • We had birthdays for a solid month.
      • When our staff hit double digits.
      • We reached 5.9 million people with our Facebook advertising.
      • We were nominated for Nashville Business Journal Small Biz of the Year.
      • The massive amounts of desserts we got to eat for everyone’s birthdays.
      • When we wore matching socks, and attempted to march in rhythm.
      • We played giant jenga.
      • We brought on 7 new clients.
      • When Riley nearly died on a Facebook live video.
      • When the internet went out, at least once a week.
      • We got a gold star Spotlight on Excellence Award for our Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation solar brochure.
    • When Grant took a 6-week vacation but “called in sick.”
    • When we invited our families to climb to the roof to see the solar eclipse.
    • When Steve changed out the lightbulbs, every month.
    • When Brooks said that thing and we all rolled our eyes.
    • Gunnar won two silver medals in cycling at the TN Senior Olympics.
  • When we moved into our new office!

As you can see, we’re a weird bunch, but it’s okay. After moving into our new office, we can only imagine what 2018 is going to be like. Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram this year for a good laugh!