5-stars on Clutch

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Barker & Christol Gets 5-Stars on Clutch


We’ve had a lot to celebrate recently. With a successful 2017 under our belts, including being recognized as a top Nashville advertising agency, we’re taking on 2018 with an eye for opportunity, challenge, and great client relationships. There’s nothing like starting off the year with a win, either, which is exactly what we’ve done on Clutch. (Spoiler alert: we got 5 stars!)


We recently started working with Clutch, a B2B research firm, to hear from our clients about their perspective on the work we provide. As a platform specializing in ratings and reviews of creative, marketing, and advertising agencies, Clutch is helping us to collect in-depth client reviews that highlight our clients’ favorite things about our partnerships. The review is exhaustive, and that’s why we’re so excited our clients are taking the time to share their thoughts.


Our first client review comes from our long-time client, The Jones Company. In it, our client highlighted our wide-range of marketing services and our ability to help them meet their goals. Here are some of the highlights from the review:


“Barker & Christol have helped us with promotional campaigns, branding campaigns, billboards, print advertising, video, and more. They handle design concepts, media placement, and even some supporting items such as signage.”


“… Our goals are always met. They have facilitated many successful campaigns.”


“They are extremely responsive and organized. We always get great results and the work is completed in a timely manner.”


Clutch analyst Kimmie Champlin has been working on our Clutch profile, and she weighed in about the review. “Working in the ratings and reviews industry is always tricky. At Clutch, we keep a keen eye out for honest, detailed reviews and that represent the best (and the worst) sides of every agency. I’m very proud to work directly with Barker & Christol and hear from their clients about the respect and trust they’ve earned from their clients..”


As we continue working with these amazing clients, we’re excited to hear from them about what their celebrating in our partnerships. We look forward to adding their reviews to our Clutch profile and increasing our rank in Clutch’s research.