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Do You Actually Know Your Audience?

Who is your audience? It’s one of those questions you’re guaranteed to be asked by your marketing team. We must know. But you may be thinking that it’s an unfair question because your marketing team should absolutely know your audience. Right? Yes and no. Audiences aren’t just demographics such as Male or Female, 18-24, with […]
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Creativity Rut? 10 Easy Ways Out

 We’ve got some really creative minds at Barker & Christol. Like, award-winning, degree-holding, grade A creative brains. But even the best of the best get in a rut. So what do our folks do when their creative juices run dry? We asked and they spilled. Nap. 20 minutes a day keeps the doctor away, right? […]
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Cake for Consideration: Celebrate You

Stay! It’s not everyday It’s your birthday. But when it is, the last place most people want to be is at work. I cherish the people I work with. I always have. From working at Wendy’s in high school to finally starting a career at Barker & Christol, rarely do you get the chance to […]
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Staying Current

10% I’m sitting here updating all my software. I work on a Mac, so I’m not used to waiting on my computer. But it gives me time to think. Time to update, get current, and invest in my continuing education. After five years working as a designer and now working to learn a new industry […]
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We Do It All, Even Inspirational Wall Graphics.

MTEMC asked B&C to design something to make encourage and motivate the electric cooperative’s IT department.  Some things just need to make a big impression. You need more than small inspirational posters with scenic sunsets or cats encouraging you to “Hang In There.”  We were delighted to stretch our thinking and apply our design skills. […]
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Design for the Claustrophobic

Design Claustrophobia is a visual anxiety disorder in which the design has a rational fear of having no way of escaping the page or being closed-in and silenced. It frequently results in a stagnant panic attack and can be triggered by certain stimuli or situations, such as too much copy, a complex message, multiple messages […]
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Photo of our Summer intern Shelby

A Summer of Shelby: Meet the Intern

Hey, my name is Shelby Deaton… well Piatt as of October 2015. I will answer to both though. I am a recent graduate from Nossi College of Art where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design Media. That is also where I found my passion for the advertising industry. I grew up in the […]
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