Project Highlight: Grandaddy’s Farm

September 13th was an exciting day for our client, Grandaddy’s Farm. Opening day has finally arrived!

Grandaddy’s Farm came to us in November and asked us to quickly take their brand to the next level. They wanted to be known as the destination for family fun adventure.  In order to increase visitors and ticket sales we knew our client had to differentiate themselves from their competitors. And that’s when #PlayInTheDirt was born.

Based on the scientific research of Brooks’ kids, we noticed that Grandaddy’s Farm just isn’t your typical adventure farm.  With their pumpkin patch, corn maze, pig races, goat tower, beautiful nature trail and exciting weekend events (not to mention Landslide, the longest dump-truck liner hillside slide this side of the mountain), everyone is sure to have a good time.  The Play In the Dirt message helps diversify Grandaddy’s Farm’s audience and reminds us all…  life’s too short for clean fingernails!

Our branding efforts included outdoor, direct mail, social, PR, environmental signage, radio, and lots of test rides on Landslide!