Short Mountain Moonshine Distillery Celebrates Two Years

Short Mountain Distillery Celebrates Two Years


Woodbury, TN — Break out your dancing shoes and bring the family, Short Mountain Moonshine Distillery will be throwing a party open to the general public to celebrate their second birthday. It will take place on the grounds of the distillery in Cannon County on April 26th from 9:00am until 4:00 pm.

This is the time to be neighborly by coming over to the farm, where the distillery is located, to have some fun, taste some great food, and hop on a mule ride provided by the Tennessee Mule Skinner Association. There will be plenty of moonshine infused treats to taste, like Drew’s Barbecue and The Blue Porch’s moonshine cookies and bread pudding.

Music will start up on the new Shiner’s Stage at 11:00 am and keep the crowd entertained until 4:00 pm.

“We have learned so much in two years.  On April 26th we will share a taste of what’s to come in our future,” said Billy Kaufman, Short Mountain President and CEO, hinting at the many new moonshine items and other treats to be introduced at the event.

If you aren’t in the mood for mule rides, food or music, take the time to have a taste of their brand new Prohibition Tea Moonshine, then tour the distillery and surrounding grounds. The area is steeped in rich history. The moonshiners will be more than happy to kick back on the porch with you and tell wicked tales of Al Capone’s visits in the 1920s and an infamous local love triangle that led to murder on the grounds in the 1930s. You might even see the resident ghost!

“Three generations of us visited last fall, including a very reluctant eleven year old. Right off he was introduced to the adorable kitten who calls the place home,” commented one past visitor. “From then on he had a good time, even listening attentively to the staff tell how moonshine is made, along with colorful stories of area moonshiners and events. He especially liked the story of the ghost of the spring and experiencing first hand the coolness of the air coming from the spring’s cave…. We hope to return some time on a special event weekend when there is live entertainment on the outdoor stage.”

Now is your time to experience a special event, Short Mountain style. As at all birthday parties, there will be gifts, only at this party the gifts will be in the form of door prizes for those coming to celebrate with the distillery’s friends and family. But you can’t get a gift if you aren’t present to win.

Those who feel like keeping the party going can take a trip to the Distillery store, where you can purchase one of the new moonshine mini bottles, buy some of The Blue Porch’s new Chocolate Orange or Lemon Ginger Moonshine Hot Sauce or pick up a remembrance t-shirt.

Short Mountain Distillery makes real Tennessee moonshine in small batches according to a secret recipe handed down through generations of Cannon County residents. The facilities are located in Woodbury, Tenn. For more information on how to get there, visit their website at or call the distillery between 9:00am and 4:00pm at (615) 216-0830.