What We’ve Learned in 2015

We looked back on all the fantastic, crazy, stressful, keep-going-til-it’s-amazing, exhaustingly wonderful times we had in 2015 and distilled those experiences into this list of Things We Learned in 2015. We hope you enjoy them.

“I learned that the chain ring on a bicycle can leave some interesting, and painful, patterns on your legs.” – Gunnar

“I’m a morning person. It doesn’t make me want to get out of bed, but once I’m up, I’m thinking. Instead of being lazy and hitting the snooze button a couple more times, I’ve learned that if I get up and get started, I’m much more productive throughout the day. Lesson: Embrace your natural rhythms.” – Brooks

“While a messy desk is indicative of a creative person, a clean organized desk doesn’t hurt creativity, but it helps productivity.” – Brooks

“I’ve learned I should receive the key to the city based on the amount of parking fines I’ve payed by moving back onto the square.” – Brooks

“I learned that one must understand basic physics when working in an office. Changing your center of gravity while lounging in an office chair can lead to seeing the world as an ant does.” – Brooks

“Social media changed more than I learned this year.” – Brooks

“Our stairs are too deep for slinky races.” – Autumn

“Amazon Prime 2-hour delivery is amazing.” – Brooks

“I learned that all of a sudden there seems to be a vapor lounge on every corner, but I have no idea what goes on in one.” – Gunnar

“Big-block Jenga towers are amazingly strong.” – Brooks

“If we fail at advertising, this team could have 2nd careers as architects.” – Brooks

“I learned that the Titans have become the best team in the NFL at finding new and unique ways to lose games.” – Gunnar

“Coffee is good.” – Brooks

“Not everyone should be allowed to critique a company’s new logo.” – Steve

“I learned my cat gets even crankier than I do when it rains for more than one day.” – Gunnar

“I’ve been learning how to drop-kick FEAR in the face.”  – Dustin

“Surrounding yourself with good, trustworthy people promises growth without the added stress.” – Brooks

“Family and old friends are a most precious gift.” – Lee

“I learned that George Romero doesn’t particularly like The Walking Dead.” – Gunnar

“Patience and discipline are not four-letter words.” – Brooks

“Kind, handwritten words go a long way.” – Riley

“If you don’t know where you want to go, you aren’t going anywhere.” – Lee

“Letting someone interview you about your job can be wonderfully rejuvenating.” -Autumn

“Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. The answer, whether it’s what you wanted or not, is very revealing.” – Brooks