8 Workplace Energy Boosters

Everyone needs a little energy boost at work. Here are 8 ways to put some pep in your step physically, mentally and emotionally.

8 Ways to get Energized, Rejuvenated and Inspired at work.

1. Remind yourself why you love what you do.
Even working your dream job can become repetitive and monotonous. Take the time to remind yourself why you love what you do. There are day to day activities that just “come with the job” but there is a reason you work in your field. Why’d you pick this job over others? Is it location, co-workers, something else? What areas of your job do you really enjoy?

2. Allow yourself to be interviewed, or become a mentor.
Explaining what we do to the up-and-coming generation is often a refreshing boost. It reminds us how much we have grown and allows us the opportunity to pour our experience into someone else. Become a mentor via LinkedIn.

3. Focus your energy on the tasks you love.
Be honest with yourself about the parts of your job you really love and let other things go to the extent possible. Your passion will show in the quality work you do.

4. Clear your desk.
Most likely you’re taking on some tasks that shouldn’t be handled by you. This is extremely common in small businesses where everyone wears several hats. Work with your company/boss/coworkers to clear your desk of things that really should fall to someone else. This will free up time to work on the things you love and are good at. How refreshing!

5. Goals on display.
Put your goals somewhere you can see them. Viewing them daily is a wonderful reminder and motivator.

6. Rest up.
We all know we should get more rest, but pay attention to the quality of your sleep too. Find your quality rest. I’ve found that I wake up better with the blinds open and the natural morning light coming in. I also know I need to go to bed around 10 and get up by 6.

7. Don’t skip recess.
It’s important to have fun at work. Growing up is a lie. We all still want to play – and it’s important for our brains to have breaks during the day. Do something fun – color with crayons, go for a walk, read some comics, or start up a game with a coworker.

8. Replenish.
Putting out good work is draining. We all know to replenish our bodies by eating right, resting enough, and drinking a healthy, but also keep track of the tasks that take the most out of you. You’ll be able to and arrange your schedule more effectively (check out circadian rhythm), replenish areas that are running low (creative, fun, focus etc) . Be aware of your own personal strengths and weaknesses and replenish your mind and body so you can keep putting out your best efforts.