Cake for Consideration: Celebrate You

Wierd photo of some of the people at B&C


It’s not everyday It’s your birthday. But when it is, the last place most people want to be is at work. I cherish the people I work with. I always have. From working at Wendy’s in high school to finally starting a career at Barker & Christol, rarely do you get the chance to pick the people that surround you. So when you find a place where the people enrich your life experience, make you a better person, and laughter is commonplace, stay!

Find a place that celebrates you!

Birthdays are special at B&C. We celebrate with lunch, cake, and a themed office decorations catered to your personality. (Only the best for your special day). Over the last 30 some-odd days, I’ve seen the Barker & Christol family celebrate 4+ birthdays. Today was mine. (Yes, I’m a Halloween baby). Somehow, no one got tired of putting together ideas, making paper airplanes and flag garland and crepe paper decor, all just to make each person feel special.

 We all know it’s coming. You’re not allowed to stay in the office past 5:00 p.m. the day before your birthday, it’s in the employee handbook. But it’s such a fun feeling walking in that day not knowing what to expect, but knowing everyone around you wants to make you feel special. Like your birth is the most important thing that happened that day. And that makes it the kinda job you actually want to go into work for. Being celebrated extravagantly once a year, but also celebrated each day for the person you are.
The people make this place what it is. If you’re lucky enough, find a place that celebrates you. Not just your accomplishments as an employee, but you as an individual.