Crafting the Perfect PR Team

written by J.Brooks Christol

PR is the process of teaching the public about a brand via the influencers in the audiences lives, therefore instilling a carefully-crafted brand identity as truth.


What is the composition of a great PR team?

Strategy – They better have a plan.

Discernment – Is a negative comment free speech, or is it inflammatory and needs to be shut down?

Connected – I’m not talking about just a table a Sardie’s, but they must have a connection to, and an understanding of, the audience.

Clarity of communications – They need have one great elevator speech for their client.

Translation – It may be English, but each audience may very well have their own language. The PR person needs know how to speak it.

Big Ears – An ear to the ground is one of the top assets of a good PR person.

26 hours in a day – If you have to be ahead of a 24-hour news cycle, you’ve got to be in the game more than in bed.

Prophecy – A good team has the ability to see stories before the reporter, see needs of the consumer before they wake up in the morning, and see problems in the board room before they walk out the door buck naked.

Cool heads – It can get messy out there. The good PR person represents your company with a cool, thoughtful head and more than a sliver  of humility.


How realistic is all this? It’s not as hard as you think. Obviously the bigger your business, the more time maintaining that image takes. But even small companies need to be very aware of their place in the public mindset.