Is Social Media Marketing Dying?

Dinosaurs running from meteors

Oh, you stop it. Stop it right there. Of course social media marketing isn’t going the way of the dinosaur. Now, is it still the shining centerpiece & catch-all of marketing strategies across the board? No, not exactly.

When social media platforms were first used for business it was like an internet version of the gold rush. People went crazy over a place where they could potentially market their business for free and have it lead to more sales. Over time, these platforms changed to pay-to-play outlets and now businesses are trying to figure out the best ways to use these formerly free marketing tools. The early craze of social media marketing left the platforms oversaturated and underutilized with every business trying to take a swing at it and most of them missing.

Businesses now realize that social media isn’t enough to stand as a disconnected piece of their marketing strategy, but instead it fits into the overall plan as one of many channels they must use to reach consumers strategically. If businesses don’t start changing the way they approach social media marketing, then the effective use of it will meet the same fate as the dinosaurs did, extinction. So how do you save yourself from the same fate of our possibly feathered friends? Stop these 3 practices that are killing your social media effectiveness:

  1. Spreading Yourself Too Thin 

Stop using every social media outlet available to get your message to your consumers. It’s not about being on every channel you have at your disposal, it’s about being where your customer base is most active. Most of the time your posts on certain outlets will be drowned out by other content and only reach a very small percentage of your consumers. Instead, develop a deeper understanding of your customers through interactions and social data to see what exactly they are doing so you can meet them there with your message.


  1. Posting Content That You Like

 People want to share things that interest them, not constant posts about one of your products that they “absolutely need to buy.” If you’re going to try and push out a message, make sure to tie it in with something your consumer base is interested in. But not just that, focus on making your content “shareworthy” and relevant to your business, or else it will seem superficial to your audience.

A great way to amplify your “shareworthy-ness” is to create a voice for your brand online. For example, adding a unique kind of humor to your posts or coming up with your own “flavor” of content that is easily identifiable. Creating content that your audience actually cares about allows your message to travel through the internet in a fashion similar to word-of-mouth on the streets.


  1. Limiting Community Growth 

If you’re still using call agents and live chats as your only way to answer customer questions, get with the program and move to onsite communities and forums like those of Sony’s PlayStation Communities, H&R Block’s “Get Answers” community, and Starbucks’ “My Starbucks Idea” website. These communities and forums turn into free content, peer-to-peer reviews, and expertise from people who use your product. Essentially, the people posting on your site turn into ambassadors for your brand and create customer engagement on your behalf. As long as your product isn’t a nightmare, this is a win-win situation for you and your customers.


So, don’t dig a grave for your own social media marketing efforts. Cross those three things off the “list of things you’re doing” and you’ll be like the alligator gar: able to survive prehistoric extinction while developing primitive survival skills and rule the rivers you roam.