Staying Current

Photo of man in front of his laptop looking at his performance


I’m sitting here updating all my software. I work on a Mac, so I’m not used to waiting on my computer. But it gives me time to think.

Time to update, get current, and invest in my continuing education. After five years working as a designer and now working to learn a new industry for the last year, I’ve worked hard to habit myself to constantly update, learn new tools and desire to grow even more.

So, what is your motivation for staying current or do you feel the need at all. I’m no longer surprised by the attitude statement “Well, that’s how we’ve always done it” Having stability is important, but making the concerted effort to improve will go a long way in keeping a business or yourself relevant and a valuable asset in the world.

All these new tools are going to speed up / revolutionize / or change the way I’ve worked before. It will most likely be annoying at first but given a little bit of time these updates will empower me to work more efficiently and enable me to create things that of the highest quality in today’s standards. (I’ve already seen what these improvements are so I know they will.)

So what does it take to stay current?


It takes an investment of time to stay current

It’s been 10 minutes I haven’t been able to use the desktop so far. Yikes. It says only 10 more minutes to go. 20 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time to invest in your growth because it’s not.


Reading and Mentorship and Watching

Finding people who are smarter than you or know how to do something that you do not is one of the simplest ways to improve yourself and understand what is current.

It takes the desire to try

It’s easier to clock in, clock out and veg. That’s why so many people do it. That gives you an advantage. Learning new things isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible to do. Trying to improve should always be paired with a desire to improve or else it will fail. With how quickly the market and tools change, there is a least one consistent. Humans. No matter the tools and no matter the shifting demographic, there is always the ability to create a message that will touch their hearts and make a difference in the lives of the community. Spark your desire and work hard!

Forward Thinking

It’s not everyday someone can look ahead at what is coming and work ahead of the curve and create the new current. It’s one thing to always be playing catchup but it is an entirely different thing to be creating the new “current” To advance where people are and be ahead in a way that makes others feel behind.

88% done!

Find your “way” to learn new things and push the update button. The more energy to put into to staying current and expanding your understanding, knowledge, and a talent in will keep you more of a relevant asset


When your current and up to date, It’s like offering people a strong asset. You now only know how to do something you know best practices, how to get it done quicker and efficiently. Long term these small things will save yourself or your business tons of capital. Who knows with all the money a collective group saves, maybe that mean a raise?

Signing off. Gotta restart!