We Do It All, Even Inspirational Wall Graphics.

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MTEMC asked B&C to design something to make encourage and motivate the electric cooperative’s IT department.  Some things just need to make a big impression. You need more than small inspirational posters with scenic sunsets or cats encouraging you to “Hang In There.”  We were delighted to stretch our thinking and apply our design skills.
A multi-layered wall graphic celebrating the continuing success of Middle Tennessee Electric’s IT team; complete with colorful images, cooperative principles, and continued growth markers? That should do the trick.  Besides, it’s not every day that you get to design something that inspires productivity and ingenuity for years to come.
Designed to mirror the range of the MTEMC member base, the photo choices reflect small town living and the thriving business community. Add in dimensional elements like the plexiglass panels, and we bring home the contrast of data and the people they serve.
See the finished product over on our Facebook.
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