The Pitfalls of Article Spinning

It’s prudent for any business owner to scour the industry to see how they’re doing on pricing. Retail stores send out secret shoppers. Web outlets simply use plug-ins like InvisibleHand to see who has the best price on a product. For me to accomplish this seemingly simple feat is, well, not so simple. Creative services are a dime a dozen on the web…sometimes literally. You can buy 99 logos for $5…pick the one you want. You can get a web site for $500…or better yet, free! Personally, my experience holds true to that old adage, you get what you pay for.

During my fruitless research I came across a Google listing entitled, “Why Logos are worth more than $50.” It was a great article explaining why real designers and real agencies charge so much for their work (hint…its because it is better).

Back to Google…here’s another article with a similar topic. Hey, it looks like he’s saying the same thing as the other guy…

the exact same thing…

down to the format of his post!

Wait a minute!

Have you heard of article spinning? I have. Basically you take an article someone else has written, change some nouns, change some verbs, give it a new title and Voila! new article for your own site. I’ve just never seen it done so sloppy, by two “professional marketing consultants” on two different continents.


I’ve tried to exclude anything to throw the authors under the bus, but the one on the left is from a British guy and the right side is attributed to a Texas agency. (If you like calling out the bad guys, I throw them both under the bus in the resources section below).

Do I need to explain why article flipping is a bad idea? How does it make you feel about these two firms when you see identical content? Would you trust them? These are guys that are selling SEO strategies like these other guys sell $5 logos.

Let’s not even go into how Google is cracking down on this practice and will seriously punch you in the face (search engine lingo) if they catch you doing it. These guys should be punched in the face for giving the good guys a black eye.

Success doesn’t come in a can, Stan!


Resources (Where I get to throw these under the bus…in the first one’s case it’ll be a double-decker bus)

The British Guy
The Texas Guy