Choosing Blog Content

We hear that frequent web site updates are good for SEO, and that blog posts are an excellent way to have frequent contents updates. Its True! But there’s a reality that “experts” don’t share…its hard to come up with a lot of new content ideas.   Here are some ideas the help us:

1. Editorial Calendars – they take time, but you can plan an entire year’s worth of blog posts in just one afternoon. You have to write them, still, but at least you have a starting point.

2. Read. Do you remember in school when your teachers told you that in order to write good, err, well, that you had to read prolifically? Well, that’s true too. Browse the news. Check out stories in your online trade pubs. Or heck, just steal copy from someone you respect. We don’t advocate that last one, but the idea is to be inspired by others’ inspiration.

3. Dumb Luck