Thanks to @aronstrong for calling my attention to this Fast Company article on brand. I’ve read some stuff by Landstrom before and I like his ideas and presentation, even if I don’t always agree with the principal. Here, Martin has done a good job of explaining the concept of brand beyond logo.

The one shortcoming in this article is the development of the brand beyond a tangible product. He touches on the idea of fonts/styles/layouts, etc, using Apple and Amazon as examples. What he doesn’t clearly identify as key importance is the push mechanism of the brand. Sometimes you have to educate the consumer as to why your style is different. If you’re credible, they’ll listen subconsciously and ultimately “form their own opinions”.

My summary, invest in the development of a well-rounded brand, but never neglect the marketing portion of brand development. Like the rose bush….it takes more than a seed and mother nature.

How to Build an Unforgettable, “Smashable” Brand Identity (Hint: It’s Not the Logo)



No, you don’t have to tell me, because I know what you’re about to say: your new product is brilliant. It’s a game-changer. Problem is, you need a killer logo. Well, today, designers, inventors, and investors are facing a dilemma similar to the one that writers and artists have struggled with for decades: there’s nothing left. Or here’s another problem: if you do manage to create a jaw-droppingly clever or memorable image, rather than engendering widespread consumer recall of your brand, your Easter-blue palette risks looking uneasily similar to the Tiffany box, and your little black bull is a transparent rip-off of the one that dangles from the neck of Sangre de Toro red wine.

As far as the logo is concerned, to paraphrase Bill Maher, it’s time for New Rules.