TN Self Storage Legislation Provides for Consumer Protection


New legislation takes effect on July 1st, improving the way self storage facilities do business in Tennessee. Spearheaded by the Tennessee Self Storage Association (TNSSA), the bill allows owners of self storage facilities to apply to the Department of Commerce and Insurance for a limited license to sell insurance to their tenants for the loss of or damage to the tenant’s stored property that occurs at the storage facility.

“Offering tenant insurance is optional for storage facility owners, and it is optional for tenants to make the purchase,” explains Eddie Johnson, President of TNSSA.

Sherry Cole, owner of Murfreesboro facility, Storage Plus, explains that many self-storage renters may have some insurance coverage on belongings in storage through their existing homeowners or renters insurance.  However, that coverage may be limited in value or type of catastrophe covered,.” Cole said. “For those utilizing storage during a relocation, their coverage may also be in transition and may actually lapse. This new legislation offers a practical way for consumers to have that extra feeling of security with their valuables away from home.”

Facility Owners, Not Insurance Agents.

To obtain a limited license to offer this particular insurance, a storage facility owner makes a sworn application to the Commissioner of Commerce which must be approved.

Cole added that the “limited license only applies to this kind of insurance. Consumers won’t be sold life insurance when renting a storage unit.”

The bill (SB 1147 and HB 980) was signed by Governor Haslam on April 29 and takes effect on July 1, 2013. Senator Jim Tracy of Shelbyville and Representative Charles Sargent of Franklin sponsored this legislation on behalf of the Tennessee Self Storage Association.

The Tennessee Self Storage Association is a non-profit organization created to promote a standard of professionalism among owners, operators, and vendors that serve the industry. As a united voice for the TN self-storage industry, the TNSSA is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to promote the continued growth of the Association. Our organization is affiliated with the National Self Storage Association. (


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