Trust Your Team

2016 photo of b&c team at photoshoot

This is a candid post about trusting in one’s team. I imagine in the olden days an inscription printed above these words would read: From the Desk of J. Brooks Christol.

Do you lead a team? If you’re a marketing director, do you have a team of people, in-house or out-sourced, that you hired to do what only they can do? Are you a small business owner that has a team of employees that run your business with your vision in mind, making it their own? It’s an awesome feeling when great stuff happens and you know it was your team that was responsible for it. Today I was excited to watch my team roll.

It’s 5:30 on a Tuesday evening. We’re under deadline. My in-office staff is here and everyone is smiling. My off-site staff is out there working on their projects. We’ve been working non-stop for two months on this client alone. We’ve got other clients that are calling us and we’re still sliding new projects into the workflow. I count over 200 active projects, and I’m watching my team do what they do to– and have a good time doing it.

With 200 active projects, We’re not taking any breaks for paper airplane contests, Jinga or video games.

OK, that’s not true. We all took a 15-minute break today to play Google’s jumping T-Rex game while I worked on some IT issues.

We didn’t play pranks on our boss, today. We didn’t waste billable time. We worked. We took phone calls from clients that were excited about stuff we sent them. We answered emails from clients wanting a little bit more.

We scratched our heads to figure out how to do it and we shouted Eureka! when we figured it out. Once again, that’s not true, but it makes for good storytelling.

I’ve watched our intern – two weeks into it – step up to the plate and fill in holes where we really needed him to. It reminds me why our interns don’t run copy and coffee. They have something to contribute and by contributing, they learn more and engage more.

I’ve been able to sit back and watch my team do what they do because we have amassed a talented team that shares our taste for amazing advertising, our vision for moving forward, and our passion for making clients smile. Not with jokes and funny videos (although we do both of those well), but with results that achieve their imaginations.

We don’t get around to showing off a lot of the work we do. We have to wedge in some time for award submissions. We just go for the parties. But I’m proud of the work we do for our clients. I’m proud of the relationships we build and the fun we have at our meetings. I’m proud of our team – and days like this make me realize just how great they are.

I don’t deny divine intervention. We committed our business to the service of God and we struggle to make sure everything we do serves to honor Him. He expects us to play a part and has given us the tools, in both talents, people with talents, and imagination, to accomplish whatever comes our way.

One final thought: Good work Awesome (Autumn), Dustin, Mallory (Riley), Judy, Austin the Intern/Model, Goonar (Gunnar), Grant, Steve Jr. and a few others, too.