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A Broadly Specific Design

By design, many of the messages we see every day are broadly specific. Here’s a definition of broadly specific messaging – “A memorable or stirring statement that uses broad and specific elements.” For a mental picture, being broadly specific is like climbing a mountain. On the peak of the mountain sits a massive oak tree. […]
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Design with an egg and text on it

Marketing. It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

  I’m always looking for marketing messages imbedded in everyday places and last weekend I found a treasure trove. First, on the flight to Dallas, Delta literally placed one in my lap. When I received my Diet Coke, the napkin under the cup almost made me laugh out loud. Then as my wife checked us […]
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Photo of scuba diver looking at coral under water

Mailbox Inspiration: A Magnificent Magazine

I’ve always been in love with design. Now, working in an ad agency, even as an intern, I’m starting to see what makes great commercial design and where short cuts weaken it. Take, for instance, last week I opened my mailbox and found a Patagonia magazine stuffed between bills and junk mail. I immediately spent […]
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de.sign-claustorphobia design black and white

Design for the Claustrophobic

Design Claustrophobia is a visual anxiety disorder in which the design has a rational fear of having no way of escaping the page or being closed-in and silenced. It frequently results in a stagnant panic attack and can be triggered by certain stimuli or situations, such as too much copy, a complex message, multiple messages […]
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The Balance of Design

by Dustin Lippert Have you ever called someone an overachiever in an attempt to insult them and help yourself feel better? Here at Barker and Christol, we steal that joy by accepting the compliment! So let’s talk. Balancing the simple and the complex is a task that never escapes a good designer. If you ever let […]
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The Design of Music

Dustin Lippert What if you could see music? I mean, what if each musical note came out of an instrument in a colored shape? What if each sung word blended those colors and shapes together? Imagine what picture each blend would create? Can you hear it? Can you see it? Listen to music. The movement, […]
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5 Things Every Design Student Should Learn

Five things every design student should know coming out of school (but probably won’t get taught) It’s a wonderful new advertising world. Advertising agency shows like Mad Men keep the art school humming with hopeful young minds, flooding out the doors with some truly amazing ways to approach creative problem solving. It’s just that often, […]
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